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In the Air, That’s Where Your Root Remains

In der Luft, da bleibt deine Wurzel

Documentory, 98 min Germany, 2023

HD, 2K, MP4, MOV, DCP, 5.1

Directed and edited by Mario Morales, Screenplay&DoP Peter Rippl Co-production with 3eckmedia Filmproduktion & Helios Medien DoP&Art Design Nathaniel Knop Music Fabian Bitter Sound Tamás Bohács Sound Mixing Rolando Weber

The Shoah survivor’s family makes a journey in an effort to find and preserve the memories – good and terrible – for generations to come.

Eva Szepesi (90) had remained silent for many years. She was just twelve when the Germans invaded Hungary and began the systematic murder of the Jews. Eva was also taken to Auschwitz – her whole family was killed in Nazi concentration camps – only she survived. And she was tormented by the question that torments all survivors: why? The months in the camp, the memories of everything having been taken from her, shaped her entire life. Only a few years ago, with the help of her daughters, was she able to face what she had experienced. From the horror of the past, from the unspeakable, a cultural obligation slowly grew in the family. Together with Eva Szepesi, her daughters, and her grandchildren, we took a journey in an effort to find traces. Will we find their old house in Budapest? Are there still Jews in the small village at the foot of the Tatra Mountains? Will Eva Szepesi return to Auschwitz once again? Will they want to visit the death camp together with the many on-looking day tourists?

Pain and responsibility are the link between generations. How do Jewish families deal with this responsibility today; how will the memory change when those who experienced it will no longer be there? How can they transform the memory of genocide into action, perhaps even resistance?

With Eva Szepesi, Anita Schwarz, Celina Schwarz, Ernst Schwarz, Judith Szepesi, Leroy Schwarz, Naomi Leemans, Philippe Leemans, Sammy Wurman, Sharon Wurman

Locations Deutschland: Frankfurt Hungear: Budapest Österreich: Wien Slowakei: Klenovec Move Mesto Sered Polen: Krakau KZ Auschwitz Belgien: Antwerpen USA: Miami

Den folgenden Personen und Institutionen gilt unser besonderer Dank: Galambos Ági Galambos János *Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau Dorota Kuczyńska Führung: Ewa Pasterak & Janusz Włosiak *Holocaust Memorial Center Budapest – Holokauszt Emlékközpont Zoltán Tóth *Sereď Holocaust Museum – Múzeum holokaustu v Seredi: Dr. Martin Korčok *Dohány Synagoge Budapest: Rebezze Kati Fröhlich *Direktorin der Schule in Pestszenterszébet: Ceclia Csak * Bürgermeister von Klenovec Zlata Kaštanová HessenFilm und Medien GmbH Stefanie Marschner


I had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Eva during the Shabbes Kidush at Frankfurt Synagogue. From the very moment she began sharing her remarkable story with me, I was captivated, knowing in my heart that her tale was destined to be transformed into an film. Two years later, our journey with Eva’s family began, embarking on the daunting task of preserving a third-generation perspective on Holocaust survivors.

One of the most profound questions that echoed within me was how to effectively translate such deeply embedded memories, held by the survivors of the Holocaust. Contemplating the appropriate visual language to authentically capture the essence of their experiences became a pivotal point of my artistic exploration.

Mario Morales
Studied economics & journalism at the University of Paris X Nanterre, France, (Doctor of Economics).
2010 founded 3eckmedia TV & Film Production in Frankfurt, Germany.
2012 – 2014 correspondent for Jews News One in Germany.
With „Les Papillons de la rue“ (1999) he starts his career as a producer and documentary filmmaker. Award for best documentary at the International Film Festival of Lille, France. „Sarajevo Dix ans plus tard.“ (2006) „Les Voix du silence“ (2007) „Afghanistan: Der Tag danach“ (2014) „Islamophobia in Germany“ (2015) „Dresden – eine geteilte Stad“ (2016) „Vientos de Libertad – BLAST OF FREEDOM” (2019-2020)

Distribution & festivals: 3eckmedia film production +49175523334402


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